Emirates Distribution & Publishing Agency (EDPA) is a leading next-generation distribution consultant that design and manages positive brand experience to meet specific goals for our clients. We develop and implement relationship marketing, brand activation, and related communication strategy for leading multinational companies and governmental establishments in UAE through DOOR TO DOOR (D2D) distribution. Emirates Distribution & Publishing Agency (EDPA) is a full-service marketing and communication agency that provides optimized marketing solution for brands in U.A.E.

We bring communities in direct contact with your brands, ensuring strategic interaction that not only leads to sales but also builds a long-term relationship with consumers and the community at large. Since 1980 we are thriving towards excellence with our extensive distribution network across the borders. We, one of the Members of the Emirates Group come under the banner of M/s. Bin Aweidha Corporation Holdings, Abu Dhabi, having offices in all the Emirates with a fleet of vehicles to maintain our service as per customer satisfaction.

Our services include distribution of Newspapers, Magazines, and Weeklies in UAE. As part of our expansion, we have started to distribute International publications as well.

We distribute ads materials like Flyers, Leaflets, Booklets, Directories, Brochures, Calendar, Gift items, product samples etc. to the customer at their Doorsteps for making them aware of promotions offered. EDPA is UAE’s largest door to door official distributors of directories by various service providers.

Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who we are?

We are pioneers in direct marketing since 1999 and very much aware of the potentiality of ad materials and its distribution in this country. Giving a professional service in the area we are extending our wings to this field as well. We are proud to say that we are the first of its kind who are setting up a particular dept., for distributing ad materials like flyers, leaflets etc to the end customer at their doorsteps all over U.A.E.

2What We Do?

High impact D2D (Door To Door) Advertising.

No matter the doors are in an office building or the house down the street, door drops or hangers can present a significant marketing opportunity.

"Door drops or hangers are the first mail your prospect sees upon arriving home”. D2D Marketing is the single most important method of neighborhood marketing and they are unique and high profile way to deliver your message.

We distribute Magazines and Newspaper (National and International). D2D distribution of local and international Newspapers, Ad Magazines as per the client requirement. Delivery of Directories like Yellow Pages to Doors all over U.A.E (Residential and Business Apartments)

3Why We Do?

1.) Cost-effective:
As you are spending a huge amount in a newspaper or visual media, direct marketing will make you spend only very little.
2.) Viewership: Your advertisement along with other advertisements in the newspaper will no be as identifiable as our distribution of your flyers in the doorsteps of the customer. As per the sales figures, newspaper readership is coming down due to the incursion of visual media. In this case, your wastage of money by releasing ads in newspaper widens compare to the result.
3.) Accessibility to the suburbs: We can reach your message to all the villages in UAE as the newspaper readership in this area is negligible.
4.) Distribution to the labor camps which is the untapped population of UAE.
5.) We undertake sample distribution for your newly launched products.

4When We Do?
One of our company's policies is "not to wear watches” As per the client requirement our people are ready to wear their uniform 24hrs.
5Where We Do?
  1. ) All over UAE covering 7 Emirates
  2. ) Residential Apartments
  3. ) Offices
  4. ) Villas
  5. ) Labor Camps
  6. ) Suburbs of Cities
  7. ) Industrial Areas
  8. ) Educational Institutions
  9. ) Gov.: Institutions
6What We Have?
  1. ) Well trained and groomed staffs having a thorough knowledge of your location.
  2. ) Well maintained vehicles to carry your ads.
  3. ) Well organized sales team to help you to reach your clients.
  4. ) Offices all over UAE to coordinate your requirements.
  5. ) Fully updated Database of the demographic pattern of UAE.