D2D Advertisement Material

We distribute advertising materials like Flyers, leaflets, Booklets, Broachers, calendars, Gift items, etc to customer at their Door steps for making them aware of promotions offered.

As we are managing a huge distribution set up we can undertake selective distribution (may be selective area, selective trading groups, selective nationalities etc.) with our Cost Effective Distribution (CED) services.

Door To Door Directory

EDPA is UAE’s largest door to door distributors of directories by various service providers including major clients in UAE like Etisalat Yellow Pages, Du Yellow Pages, Construction, ATN product finder, Al Fajr Directory etc


If you want somebody to try your product the simplest thing to do is to give them some for free. That way they can try before they buy without making any commitment and even compare it side-by-side with their usual brand. At the same time you get the opportunity to demonstrate how good your product is and make them feel more comfortable with the brand - something advertising alone can never do. Many sampling campaigns result in dramatic levels of consumer trial and subsequent purchase, making it particularly effective for brand launches, re- formulations or multi-media activity:

  1. 71% of consumers say free samples affect their choice of brands.
  2. Unique sampling range including letterbox, face-to-face, consumer self-selection and data collection options.
  3. Fraction of the cost of direct mail sampling.

EDPA is able to deliver samples of your newly launched products of any size using a effective range of delivery methods.

Newspaper & Magazine

EDPA is the largest door to door distributor of Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals, etc.. all over UAE to different Government institutions, Conglomerates, Corporate houses etc... We deal directly with more publishers than any other distributor and work closely with them to provide comprehensive quality coverage. Our extensive distributor network means we are able to cover urban and city areas and rural and country districts with equal efficiency.

Now, you can get your favourite internationally recognized newspaper & magazine from all around the world through the fast service of Emirates Distribution & Publishing Agency.

As a print distribution company we have the following advantages over any publishing house;

  1. We can supply Newspapers according to client choice as any publishing house can give you only their publication.
  2. We can provide all the newspapers, magazines and periodicals published from all over the world.
  3. We have our own dedicated staff for the above said distribution so as to concentrate on client rather than a single product like a publishing house.
  4. This we proved to different clients like government departments, government institutions and to a lot of corporate houses.

Order Delivery Services

EDPA specializes in providing skilled bikers and vehicle drivers for efficient and timely delivery of orders. By partnering with us, you can benefit from:

  • Dedicated and licensed drivers who comply with all traffic laws and regulations.
  • Reliable and punctual delivery services to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Trained drivers who prioritize food safety and adhere to proper hygiene standards.
  • Flexible service options to accommodate varying order volumes and delivery requirements.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency through our expertise teams in order routing and optimization.

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